Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Where are the Police copies of the so-called Dickens Dossier?

The so-called Dickens Dossier is a number of letters and documents passed to former Home Secretary Leon Brittan by then MP Geoffrey Dickens in the 1980s which relate to allegations of child abuse by prominent figures including Members of Parliament.

The Independent is reporting, Scotland Yard searching Bodleian Library for Dickens Dossier on alleged child sex abuse , that the Metropolitan Police is searching the Barbara Castle papers in the Bodleian Library in Oxford with a view to finding some or all of the components of the Dickens Dossier.

Newspaper reports in the 1980s refer to the Home Office having passed information received from Geoffrey Dickens to the Police.

Given that the information is said to relate in significant measure to Members of Parliament, one would expect that at least some of the documents in the Dickens Dossier to have been passed to the Metropolitan Police.

Where are the Police copies of the Dickens Dossier?

Has the Metropolitan Police destroyed them?

Or are they languishing in some obscure corner of a warehouse in some Metropolitan Police archive?

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