Saturday, 8 November 2014

How often has defamation Law been used in connection with child abuse allegations?

Readers of this blog will realise that I believe that "total transparency" is a key to establishing the truth about child abuse and its cover-up.

One matter which I'm trying to look at is use of the Law in connection with child abuse allegations.

To let me look rationally at the issue, I would like to identify any past cases that might be suitable for detailed study and consideration.

I've so far identified two cases in which defamation law has been used in the context of child abuse allegations.

  1. Lord McAlpine's successful pursuit of Sally Bercow.
  2. The successful defamation suit by Lillie and Reed versus Newcastle Council and others.
 I redently referred to the McAlpine/Bercow case here: Lord McAlpine may have been a paedophile after all

My current assessment is that the McAlpine/Bercow case had the effect of shutting down  investigation into alleged child abuse by Lord McAlpine. It also discredited such investigation of Lord McAlpine's conduct which might already have been undertaken.

The  judgment of Mr. Justice Eady in the Lillie nnd Reed case is here:
England and Wales High Court (Queen's Bench Division) Decisions

Mr Justice Eady's judgement runs to hundreds of paragraphs.

At present I have not studied the Lillie case in detail so have arrived at no conclusion about it.

It does, however, seem to me to be a case study worthy of further thought.

Does any reader of this blog know of additional cases where defamation Law has been used in the context of child abuse allegations?

If you know of further such cases, I'd appreciate being informed of them possibly by your adding a Comment to this blog post.

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