Sunday, 30 November 2014

Response from North Yorkshire Police re my concerns re former Archbishop of York, David Hope

On 26th October I wrote to the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police asking that he consider whether the former Archbishop of York, David Hope should be investigated with respect to suspected misconduct in public office.

The suspected offence related to perceived failures by Mr. Hope with respect to child abuse by the late Robert Waddington.

Report to North Yorkshire Police regarding David Michael Hope, former Archbishop of York

I have now received a reply from Detective Superintendent Nigel Costello of North Yorkshire Police dated 24th November 2014.

Detective Superintendent Costello wrote:

"I am writing this brief letter to inform you that your allegation has been forwarded to myself to deal with. I will be in touch further once I have answers to the relevant enquiries I have raised to try and resolve the matter."
I await with interest further correspondence from Detective Superintendent Costello.

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