Friday, 21 November 2014

Were Fred and Rose West part of a paedophile ring?

I've just been watching a recording of a recent Channel 5 programme about Fred and Rose West and their horrific crimes committed in and around Gloucester.

One throwaway comment in the programme raised a serious question in my mind.

The comment was to the effect that some of the murdered girls (or women) were shared around among other men.

It wasn't clear to me whether or not it was girls (Fred West apparently first had sex with one of his daughters when she was 8 years old) or young women or both.

It raised in my mind the disturbing possibility that Fred and Rose West could have been sharing young girls around to be tortured, raped and killed.

The investigation into the crimes of Fred and Rose West was enormous.

I wonder if the possibility of sharing of girls among other men somehow got lost in the massive amount of information that had to be put together for the court case.

The focus in the media, so far as I'm aware, has always been on the crimes of Fred and Rose West.

Does anyone know if the question of girls being shared around among other men was fully investigated?

Or if any of the other men possibly involved in the abuse of girls have been identified or prosecuted?

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  1. YES I think you are right ! Protected by cops