Thursday, 6 November 2014

The judiciary should be included in the UK Child Abuse Inquiry Terms of Reference

After posting the recent blog post entitled,
What happens when a judge is a paedophile?
I took the basic step of looking at the Child Abuse Inquiry Terms of Reference which are here:
Terms of Reference

The judiciary isn't listed among the state and non-state instituions whose conduct should be examined.

I wasn't surprised, but I was shocked.

It seems to me to be a crass omission, whether it is inadvertent or deliberate.

A dishonest or blackmailed judge has almost unlimited potential to conceal paedophilia or to conceal any alleged wrongdoing by the Police or other official bodies.

Failing to address the question of possible judicial corruption is potentially a pervasive, although subtle, continuation of the cover-up of child abuse.

In my view it is essential that the judiciary are explicitly included in the Terms of Reference of the UK Child Abuse Inquiry.

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