Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thank you Tim Berners-Lee

Thank you Tim Berners-Lee.

Without your having invented the World Wide Web I think the community that has built up to research child abuse and share information about it would have had a far tougher job.

Sharing of information through social media such as Twitter has made an enormous contribution to the creation of a community of survivors and concerned others.

Without the several Web sites that are a treasure trove of information about child abuse, including old newspaper cuttings and reports, where would we be?

Perhaps the question from Tom Watson (at the prompting, so I understand, of Peter McKelvie) to David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions would have kick started a Child Abuse Inquiry.

 Perhaps not.

It seems to me to be at least as likely that the momentum that now exists would simply not have built up without the World Wide Web.

The law of unintended consequences seems to me to apply.

However, thank you again Tim Berners-Lee.

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