Monday, 6 July 2015

Thank you, Simon Danczuk

This morning I learned that Simon Danczuk had decided to "step back" from his campaigning work on exposing the extent and depravity of child abuse in Britain's political classes due to the personal toll that his work had taken on him.

See, for example,  MP Simon Danczuk to step back from child abuse campaign.

I was sad to hear that news.

I want to put on record my thanks to Mr. Danczuk for his enormous amount of hard work on this issue.

Thank you, Mr. Danczuk, that you didn't turn your back on this issue when others, including many of your fellow Members of Parliament, have done so.

Thank you, Mr. Danczuk, that you took the time personally to listen to survivors of child abuse, despite the emotional toll that such listening takes.

Thank you, Mr. Danczuk, that you weren't silent when others were pressurising you to silence your criticisms of people like Leon Brittan.

Thank you, Mr. Danczuk, that you exposed the evils of the conduct of Cyril Smith. For me, your book "Smile for the camera" was a gripping (and horrifying) read.

You are wise to take time to deal with the emotional exhaustion that you're suffering from. It seems to me that it's an inevitable conseequence of seriously facing up to the evil of child abuse.

I don't assume you're a perfect human being but I do want to thank you for your courage and perseverance.

I believe that many others will feel similarly grateful to you.

Take time to recharge your batteries.

Get well soon.

I hope that, having "stepped back", in time you'll be able to "step forward" again and rejoin the fight to establish the truth about VIP child abuse and its cover-up.

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