Thursday, 31 December 2015

Did the Prince of Wales intervene on behalf of the child abuser Bishop Peter Ball?

Yesterday, 31st December 2015, the Crown Prosecution Service published a number of letters sent by public figures in support of Bishop Peter Ball who was convicted of multiple child abuse offences in October 2015.

The letters published by the CPS can be found online here:

At the time of writing this post the letters cannot be found (at least by me) on the Crown Prosecution Service web site.

Missing from the letters available on the Daily Telegraph web site is any letter from a member of the Royal Family, despite the supposed existence of such a letter being mentioned in Court proceedings.

A spokesman on behalf of the Prince of Wales stated, "The Prince of Wales made no intervention in the judicial process on behalf of Peter Ball.".

See Bishop and a REAL VIP sex abuse scandal: How 'Royal', ex-Cabinet ministers and former law chief 'supported' cleric jailed yesterday for crimes against boys   for the source of the preceding quote.

The same article points out that the spokesman "failed to deny there had been a letter in support of Ball".

Having read a number of reports on the matter it is unclear to me whether the alleged letter from a member of the Royal Family was sent in 1992-93 or more recently.

Given that Ball was merely cautioned in 1993 no "judicial process" took place at that time. So the Clarence House spokesman could be telling the truth but, at the same time, deceiving the public.

Similarly, the Prince of Wales could have written a letter in support of Ball more recently which did not affect the "judicial process".

It seems to me to be a hugely important question as to whether the Heir to the Throne acted in support of a paedophile.

It also seems to me to be important to know whether in 2015 the Prince of Wales sought to deceive the public about his possible past support for Peter Ball.

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