Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Did David Cameron help conceal Janner child abuse allegations in 1995?

In my most recent post, In 1995 did the Home Office suppress or conceal allegations of child abuse relating to Greville Janner?, I raised a number of questions about whether in 1995 the Home Office suppressed child abuse allegations regarding Greville Janner?

In this post I want to highlight this question:

Did David Cameron, then a Special Adviser to Home Secretary Michael Howard, play any part in 1995 in the suppression of child abuse allegations relating to Greville Janner?

It seems to me that some Member of Parliament should raise this matter with Mr. Cameron possibly at Prime Minister's Questions.

Could Mr. Cameron's discomfort about his past actions while at the Home Office go at least some way to explain his disreputable suggestion that the existence of a VIP padeophile ring was attributable to "conspiracy theorists"?

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  1. It is reported that David Cameron left the Home Office in 1994.

    So, if the dossier, was sent in 1995 David Cameron can't have had a hand as a Special Adviser in any suppression of the allegations regarding Greville Janner.