Thursday, 25 June 2015

The timeline of (alleged) child abuse by Greville Janner. Is there a further story to be told?

According to comments made by Simon Danczuk MP in a recent House of Commons Debate, the first allegation of child abuse by Lord (Greville) Janner dates back to 1969.

Crown Prosecution Service
for the Hansard record of the recent Westminster Hall debate. Mr. Danczuk's comments begin at Column 213WH (scroll down in the Hansard record).

More precisely, the first evidenced allegation dates back to 1969.

That strikes me as odd.

Greville Janner was born in 1928.

It strikes me as odd, and inherently unlikely, that an alleged paedophile will commit his first offence at age 40 or 41.

It seems to me that there may be a further story to be told about the (alleged) child abuse by Greville Janner.

During the Second World War Greville Janner was evacuated to Canada.

According to the Wikipedia article about Lord Janner, Greville Janner, Baron Janner of Braunstone,
Janner attended Bishop's College School, Lennoxville, Quebec.

Currently, there is a class action in a Quebec court relating to alleged child abuse at Bishop's College School in the 1950s and 1960s.

Alumni of Lennoxville private school reach out to alleged abuse victims
for a media report of the class action.

An obvious question is whether the alleged child abuse at Bishop's College School began in the 1940s when Greville Janner was a pupil there.

I am not aware of any direct evidence that it did, but it seems to me to be a question worthy of further careful thought and investigation.

At age 18 (in or around 1946) Janner went to Germany.

Post-war Germany was a chaotic place where many Germans were in desperate need and many were starving.

Could it be that Janner exploited the appalling conditions in Germany to carry out abuse in a setting where a representative of the British occupying power would be, in effect, "untouchable"?

I admit that is a speculative question.

Could it be that abusing German boys provided a means for Janner to exact some form of warped revenge against Germans?

Again, a speculative question. But Janner, it seems to me, had means, motive and opportunity.

And what of Janner's period at Cambridge University from around 1948 to 1952?

Is it credible that Janner first committed child abuse at age 40 or 41?

If, like me, you view that scenario as inherently unlikely perhaps you will agree that questions need to be asked about Greville Janner's conduct before 1969.

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