Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The alleged "cottaging" conviction of Tony Blair - submission to the Child Abuse Inquiry

For a number of years I've been aware of allegations that Tony Blair had, many years ago, been convicted of "cottaging".

The story alleges that Blair concealed his conviction by the expedient of using his middle names, "Charles Lynton".



It seems to me that it is a potentially hugely important issue.

The Child Abuse Inquiry seems to me to be the appropriate body to investigate whether there is any basis for these persistent and widespread rumours about Tony Blair.

The text of my formal submission to the Child Abuse Inquiry follows:

11th June 2015

Child Abuse Inquiry
[By email]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Allegations of a concealed “cottaging” conviction re Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

This letter is a formal submission to the Child Abuse Inquiry.

It relates to one of the “elephants in the room” which may be relevant to the Child Abuse Inquiry.

The term “elephant in the room” in this context is one I would tend to use to refer to rumours about alleged sexual offences by prominent figures which, in my experience at least, are difficult or impossible to trace to their source.

The allegations about Tony Blair

I was first told of the allegation/rumour that Tony Blair had a conviction for “cottaging” some years ago.

My recollection is that I asked my source where the information came from and he couldn’t remember.

I have also tried to research the provenance (or otherwise) of this matter on the Internet and ran into a morass of allegations/rumours that I found impossible to trace to a credible source.

A simple Google search for the terms “Tony Blair cottaging” will illustrate how widespread the rumours about Tony Blair’s (alleged) cottaging conviction are.

One version of the tale is here:

'He was charged and appeared in court at Bow Street Magistrates Court

for importunity in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get
sexual favour from the other man; little did he know that the toilet was
being watched by police. Blair was fined Ł500, and walked away with
nobody knowing who he really was as he used his middle names to cover
who he was. Charles Lynton is the name used, and his friends in court
got him off with a fine, because he is one of them.'

In the ensuing discussion a “correction” was offered in the following terms:

Hi, don't want to seem a pedant but the fine was £50 which was quite normal for the offence. The aim was NOT to destroy someone but to teach them propriety!
The individual importuned was a close protection officer who had him under surveilance I am given to understand.
He did not appear in Court and was allowed to use a KNOWN pseudonym, often a style in such cases, at the time.
The record is no longer in the books as I have checked in some detail!
He did NOT receive special treatment at the time as he was very junior.
I gather his conviction was never reported to the bar which was in fact a mandatory point of honour - who would expect honour from Charles Lynton!

The reference to a known pseudonym is something I find interesting. It reminds me of Sir Peter Hayman’s pseudonym in paedophile circles.

There is a suggestion that any conviction was in 1983 which seems to me to be unlikely. It seems to me more likely that a date in the 1970s perhaps around 1973 is more plausible, being the period after Blair had left Fettes but before he attended Oxford.

The Knox Cunningham connection

Some sources suggest close contact between Blair, while at Fettes College, and Sir Knox Cunningham, a Northern Ireland politician.

Cunningham appears to have been a Fettes College old boy who visited Fettes College while Blair was a pupil there. Sources indicate mention of this in John Rentoul’s biography of Blair.

The implication, warranted or otherwise, is that Sir Knox Cunningham may have had a relatioship with Blair, while Blair was a pupil at Fettes College.

Rumours suggest that Cunningham was a member of a homosexual paedophile circle in Northern Ireland, possibly including visits to Kincora.

Hatred of Blair

In my researches on this matter it is clear that some who refer to Blair’s alleged cottaging conviction have deep anger at Blair or, indeed, a deep hatred of him.

It is possible that such feelings might colour the interpretation of the reports about Blair’s (alleged) cottaging conviction.

My view of Blair

My view of Blair formed before I was aware of the allegations relating to the cottaging conviction.

For a number of years I have viewed Blair as a “terrorist” in the meaning of Section 40 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

In 2003, as I recall, I first reported Blair to the Metropolitan Police with respect to suspected offences contrary to Section 56 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

In 2010 I again reported Blair’s suspected Section 56 offences to the Metropolitan Police.

See my letter of 2nd February 2010 to Sir Paul Stephenson and Assistant Commissioner John Yates here:

On the same date I raised Blair’s suspected terrorism offences with Sir John Chilcot.


Protection of Blair by the Police and others

In my view the evidence that the Iraq War was “terrorism” in the meaning of Section 1 of the Terrrorism Act 2000 is clear.

See, for example

Similarly I am of the firm opinion that Mr. Blair committed Section 56 offences with respect to his direction of British Military Terrorism in Iraq.

See, for example, my letter of 2nd February 2010 to Sir Paul Stephenson and Assistant Commissioner John Yates and my letter of 2nd Februrary 2010 to Sir John Chilcot.

In my estimation both the named senior former Metropolitan Police Service officers and Sir John Chilcot have illegitimately protected Blair.

Later the perceived Police misconduct has successively been raised with the Metropolitan Police Authority, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (Deborah Glass and Graeme Thame) and Keith Vaz MP in his role as Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

The perceived protection of Blair by the Police, the Chilcot Inquiry and others does not, so far as I’m aware relate directly to child abuse.

It does, in my estimation at least, serve to illustrate how the Police use various techniques illegitimately to protect powerul public figures. Whether that is an issue of interest to the Child Abuse Inquiry is a matter for the Inquiry to consider.

Important truth or scurrilous lie?

The key question which I suggest the Child Abuse Inquiry has a duty to resolve is whether or not the stories of Blair’s cottaging conviction reflect an important truth or constitute a scurrilous, if widespread, lie.

Statement to Police

I am willing, if the Child Abuse Inquiry considers it appropriate, to make a formal statement to the Police team appointed by the National Police Chiefs Council to assist the Child Abuse Inquiry.

With respect to the alleged cottaging conviction I am a “researcher” and therefore what I could usefully say to the Police may be limited.

With respect to the wider issue of the protection of Blair by Police etc I have extensive documentation of the sequence of events and would be willing to make copies of those documents available to the Police team.

Actions requested
I ask that this formal submission to the Child Abuse Inquiry is promptly acknowledged.

I ask that the Child Abuse Inquiry carefully considers whether it ought to investigate this matter, to determine whether there is any truth in the rumours about Mr. Blair’s past conduct.

Yours sincerely

(Dr) Andrew Watt


  1. get someone to say this in public and invite Blair to sue.

    1. There is no way on 'gods'(sic) green earth he would dare to sue. BTW, it is a fact that both charLIES father and elder brother were queens councils (QC's). Somebody get me a bullhorn.

  2. yes it is true and mi5 have been orchestrating the child abuse for MP s and videoing it, then otheyhold it over them and then they start controlling tony blair and other MP s and thus the government......they have got about 1/5 of the public on various charges ...police and judges .....the Hackers in the papers are in bed with the security services.....they generally don't know who each other are and have controllers....

  3. Surpie surpise the CPS have not enough evidence... despite 3 allegations



  6. Ok, so there may not be enough material for a prosecution; now what about an 'intervention' in Bénin where the 'fee' paid to 'Charles Brown' was in the form of housing developments worth £Ms potentially -obviously a long-term investment-? Perhaps some legal beagles will be clever enough to wheedle out the truth about this affair?

  7. What a load of fucking bollocks. Seriously, what colour is the sky on the planet you people live on?

    1. yeah, a shade of chemtrail grey, usually.

    2. Gusssss absolutely spot on, there are so many gullible idiots on this planet with their "Fuck the authorities" agendas that love making up rubbish like this.I'm not a fan of Tony Blair, but I hate attention seeking self serving conspiracy theorists that accuse anyone else who doesn't agree with them as being "Sheep".You people with your divide and conquer agendas are the problem.

  8. What a load of fucking bollocks. Seriously, what colour is the sky on the planet you people live on?

  9. Control of politicians through recorded infamies? Surely not, Batman:

    Book: Pawns in the Game, by William Guy Carr

    1. If link does not work, put in youtube search box: Retired Head Of FBI Tells All "Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings" 1 hr 4 mins video.
      Ted L. Gunderson was honest & head of the LA FBI when he retired. He knew nothing of the above, but soon found out the realities.

  10. It's amazing how many people could be involved in whatever way, in the harming of children....I hope God brings speedy justice upon them

  11. well what ever......he looks like a complete nonce anyway. wouldnt bend over in front of him........guess if he gets put down for terrorism he will be put in a posh open prison . but will be dropping his soap alot in the showers....

    1. You are clearly brain-dead as well as a homophobe

  12. They may lose the file but he must have been fingerprinted ??
    Only MI5 could eliminate them ??

  13. What has got to do with child abuse, have I missed the part of the story that says he allegedly approached a child or is this another of the homophobic gay equals child abuser garbage. For info I hate Blair he is a war criminal and I would sincerely like to see him in prison. My main concern is the homophobia of the accusation.

    1. What did McCanns have on him there was some thing to cover up
      No one else got the same treatment

  14. What has got to do with child abuse, have I missed the part of the story that says he allegedly approached a child or is this another of the homophobic gay equals child abuser garbage. For info I hate Blair he is a war criminal and I would sincerely like to see him in prison. My main concern is the homophobia of the accusation.

    1. Indeed! I have no time at all for Tony Blair but, cottaging has nowt to do with children/child abuse at all. To mention the two in the same breath shows that the accusers have an axe to grind.

  15. I wouldn't discount any "rumour" about Tony B. Liar.

  16. I have been unable to locate any Court links If indeed there was a Bow Street Magistrates Court hearing in 1983 involving a 'Charles Lynton' it would presumably have been reported in the local press. Step one for investigators. Go to the local library and check it out. Step two. Go to the local newspaper office and get someone to check the records, including the address of the offender. If verified, step three - back to the library to check the electoral roll for 1983. Much as I want the story to true, I cannot dicover the links.

  17. That in itself should tell you something. But were ANY offences reported in the archives for cottaging at Bow Street MC or in local papers? Find one. If there’s a cop smewhere who has acces to the PNC he can do a search. At the risk of his job.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. All convictions remain on file whether spent or not.

    2. They are not accessible in general....and cannot be used in court.

  19. I loathe Blair, but this is oft repeated internet drivel with no objective proof.

  20. For all the none believers about the cover ups and protection by the police of high profile figures in Britain to do with pedophiles and child abuse

  21. I am no fan of T B LIAR BUT Why in these liberated times is T B LIARS past aledged
    Gay conviction being raised. Surely out dated draconian laws should be Ignored in Modern more liberated times.
    If the aledged crime was committed it would still be on his criminal record. That crime is on his police record till he is 100 years old.
    The facts of this offence which is classed as Importuning or gross indecency. Is visiting an area or public toilet that is known to be frequented by gay men.This law is still in place today ;
    In this crime there are no Victims.No benefit to society at all.
    The only winner is an out DATED LEGAL SYSTEM / the police /Homophobes .pandering to Victorian values of morality. This crime is with the gay man till the day he dies. It will Restrict his human rights.
    He cannot work in many fields of career, Taking out insurance he as to disclose this out dated conviction. Every job interview he takes he as to disclose his past.
    Opening a bank account Another disclosure.

    Gay men with this conviction are still treated as sex offenders till the day they die..
    Is That fair in a liberal modern society.

    1. do hetrosexuals meet in toilets for sex ? big fat no , if they did they could and should be charged with indecency in a public place ,besides its a disgustingly revolting unhygienic practice in a toilet , get a room in other words whomever you are