Saturday, 28 February 2015

Has Keith Vaz MP set out to deceive Sir Cliff Richard's solicitor? I think he has.

Overnight, correspondence between Keith Vaz MP and Gideon Benaim, one of the solicitors acting for Sir Cliff Richard has, at least in part, been put into the public domain.

The issue of contention is the publication by the Home Affairs Select Committee of a letter from Chief Constable David Crompton of South Yorkshire Police regarding the investigation of allegations of child abuse (or something similar) relating to Sir Cliff Richard.

I haven't yet seen copies of the original documents but, if media reports are accurate, it seems to me that Keith Vaz has set out to deceive Sir Cliff Richard's solicitor, Gideon Benaim with respect to the Home Affairs Select Committee's approach to publication of documents sent to it.

My intention is to write to both Mr. Vaz and Mr. Benaim setting out at least some of the basis for my concerns that Mr. Vaz may have set out to mislead Mr. Benaim.

The facts will, in time, show whether or not I'm correct in believing that Mr. Vaz set out to deceive.

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